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At TOCA Everybody Plays! Being a part of the TOCA team means so much more than simply showing up. We make meaningful connections with our Guests and support each other to create awesome experiences at every turn. A TOCA Teammate is part of a winning team. We are enthusiastic and always put others first. We believe that every person counts and we know that a sprinkle of motivation, fun and laughter can be a true game changer. If you think you have what it takes to care deeply for the game, and for others, apply here to be a part of our TOCA family. We will be waiting to welcome you to the squad!

Our Core Values At TOCA


At TOCA playing hard means we get the balance right. We work hard but we PLAY hard too and always remember to have FUN! We don’t take ourselves too seriously although we LOVE what we do. We interact with our Partners and Guests in a playful manner, and make sure they have fun time and time again!


At TOCA Caring means to look out for one another, to make decisions that help everyone to THRIVE. We know that when people feel CARED for, they connect. We don’t judge, we support and encourage. We embrace differences and welcome everyone into our circle, our community. At TOCA we form genuine relationships with our Teammates and Guests, we CARE about the hospitality we provide and take PRIDE in taking care of others.


At TOCA growing together means making a commitment not just to yourself but to those around you. We are one united team, we are FAMILY. We look for opportunities to help one another and we never give up until we achieve TOGETHER. We are DYNAMIC, we are GO GETTERS. Together we are stronger, together we are TOCA.


At TOCA Striving for Excellence means striving to be better every day. We NEVER SETTLE, we persist, raising the bar inch by inch. Results matter just as much as building lasting relationships and an exceptional community. Mediocre is too bland, ok is not ok “quitters never win, and winners never quit.’


At TOCA we create AWESOME Experiences! We actively listen, we emotionally CONNECT, and we THINK outside the box. We are EMPOWERED to be creative and daring. We delight our Guests and bring happiness to everyone we serve. We create memories, we enhance moments, we provide our community with opportunities to experience AWESOMENESS at every turn.