Rising Youth Soccer Star Tony Leone “Loves TOCA”

Tony Leone Training at TOCA

Anotonio Leone, or Tony for short, is one of the thousands of youth soccer players that train at TOCA to take their game to a new level.

Tony plays on the U-16 LAFC Academy team in Los Angeles and shows great promise. Tony has his sights set on playing in Europe in upcoming years, and has aspirations of playing for the US Men’s National Team. His skill, focus, and dedication to improvement show when he trains and runs through drills at TOCA.

Tony has been training at TOCA consistently for about 6 months, and found TOCA was a way to separate himself from the pack, vary his training to give him an edge, and build consistent individual training into his regiment.


He told us “the cool thing about the TOCA ball is that it’s really small and light so you really have to work on your touch…I like TOCA because it gets you to focus on what you need to do and how you need to do it.” He hit it on the head! Training with the small ball challenges athletes to be more precise with their touch. And giving players a space to make mistakes that lead to faster learning lives at the core of TOCA. These are just a couple reasons why TOCA has been so successful in innovating the soccer training experience.

Tony also said, “the most challenging thing I find about a TOCA session is when I have to work on my left foot because it’s maybe my weakest thing. But here, they challenge me and I like it.” We’re glad you like training your weak foot too, Tony!

In traditional training scenarios, the weak foot often gets very little attention. Over time, this begins to impact a player in many ways. Players become predictable to defenders, they lose confidence when forced onto a weak foot, they lack finishing and passing abilities in weak foot scenarios, and they are unable to compete with more balanced and dynamic players who took the time to develop both sides.

This is especially important for soccer players looking to compete at a very high level. And for youth athletes, having an edge early on will lead to noticeable confidence and a positive feedback loop that will pay dividends for years to come.


It’s been a pleasure working with and supporting Tony in all the ways we can on his soccer journey! We wish him the best as he carries on. We’ll see Tony in the studio soon!

And in the spirit of our tagline ‘Find Your Best’, Tony left us with this message. “Work hard every day and don’t stop.” –Tony Leone