Top 3 Reasons Team Training is Holding You Back

Team Soccer Training


What do all the best players in the world have in common? They have the most touches on the ball!

And unfortunately, in team training, there is a lot of time spent waiting, moving from drill to drill, standing in line, working strategy and so on. 

There is a lot of wasted time–time that could be spent getting touches on the ball. Repetitions build critical muscle memory and confidence on the ball that takes our game to a new level! And we’re talking hundreds and thousands of touches.

You can get touches by yourself, or off the wall, or with a friend. But training by yourself is limited in its efficiency and in how well it translates to real-game situations. Off the wall can be helpful but is limited in its uses, and training with a friend requires coordinating schedules and both people staying dedicated.

In comes TOCA, and you should have known it was coming. TOCA training was designed to address the problem of not getting enough quality touches from traditional training. Our Founder, Eddie Lewis, used small-ball, high-repetition training to accelerate his growth and take himself from the bottom of the squad to playing pro. The model is proven.


In a 50-minute TOCA training session, you’ll hundreds of quality touches in a focused, mistake-friendly environment. You’ll be able to make adjustments, and rack up those touches so you can improve faster. 

Another major benefit of training at TOCA is that you get the 1-on-1 attention you need to stand out from the pack. Team training just doesn’t give you the attention you need. 

Soccer player takes touch away from defender

When you come into a TOCA training session, every element is designed for your individual improvement. Team training has some elements of individual improvement, but TOCA training is entirely designed for individual development. It’s a fast-track for your improvement.

Our trainers are totally focused on identifying areas you can improve and running the session on your behalf so that you can focus on what’s important–improving, getting more reps, and making small incremental adjustments on every touch that takes your game to a new level.

Want to get to the next level? Get the individual attention you need.


Players (and parents for that matter), unfortunately, deal with team politics. If you happen to be on the most peaceful, properly run team…congratulations! You’ve found the rarest team out there!

And that’s not meant to ding teams at all. We’ve all been on them. We just know that we’ve been in the situation as a parent and player thinking, “Who gets to play where? Is my daughter/son good enough? Am I good enough? Is that kid getting too much playing time? Shouldn’t I be in the starting 11?” 

And all these pressures are external distractions that reduce focus and the ability to improve.  But they’re a part of the game, so having a way to overcome them is critical.

When you train at TOCA, you have a studio that is all yours where you can escape the pressures and laser focus on improving.

Our trainers are also there as your best ally to support your training and keep you on track to achieve your goals. 

Getting more confidence on the ball so that you feel sure of your skills and position on the field makes team trainings and games much more enjoyable rather than packed with pressure. Others will also sense that you’ve been putting in the work and are standing out from the pack. 

At TOCA, there are no external pressures, no worries about making mistakes, or team politics. It’s like a sanctuary to hone your skills without all the added worries. It’s just you, hundreds of focused repetitions on the machine, and a trainer dedicated to your improvement. It really is a refreshing and fun way to be free of team politics.