TOCA Redefines how to ‘find your best’ for NVGA

New Village Girls Academy

Soccer is a beautifully simple sport. The challenge comes in mastering the subtleties of ball control, mental strength, speed, coordination, power and endurance. The development of these skills will take you on a personal journey to find your best and be the best player you can. That is the real draw of athletics as a whole — the constant challenging of your body and continuing improvement.

At TOCA, we believe that finding your best in whatever your sport, or level of play, is innately at the heart of every individual. However, there are many challenges in life and equally many ways to apply yourself to find your best.

TOCA recently donated a Touch Trainer to the New Village Girls Academy, an all-female public charter school in Los Angeles. New Village is the first all-girl college preparatory charter school and offers young women opportunities for a fresh start, ability to graduate, go to college and build a better future for themselves. Many come from impoverished areas, many are teen moms while others have struggled with domestic trauma or gang affiliations.

Watch this video to learn more about New Village Girls Academy and how these girls are pushing themselves to Find Their Best!