New TOCA App Update – Simpler and Easier

Coach helps soccer player

We are excited to share our easier and simpler TOCA Training App! The updates improve the efficiency of all things related to TOCA Training and designed to deliver you a dynamic soccer training experience.


Better profile stats

If you’re already a TOCA Player, check out the new interface – a cleaner home screen and more accurate player profile data.

Keep track of your stats every time you train! The new stats include: Balls received, exercises completed, time trained and sessions.  Also, a notification icon informs you the trainer you were paired with, the number of balls delivered and sessions stats.

Easier to create your account

If you don’t have a TOCA account, it’s never been easier and faster to get started! The updated version cuts the number of clicks required to create an account in half. Once your trainer enters your full name and email address, you’re ready for training!

Following your session, you can download the app and finish creating your account. With the same menu as a trainer, you now have the ability to run self-training.


More control in your hands 

The TOCA Training App introduces a new scroll wheel designed for greater flexibility and ease to start your session and transition between exercise codes. Everything from delivery, trajectory, speed, and the interval is visible on one screen by simply scrolling with your finger.

The Diagram, Video and Focus icons found on the screen explain the delivery codes. The diagram selection describes the parameters of the delivery code, and the video selection details the scroll wheel and how to operate it.

Ever wanted to increase the intensity and pace of a session, but can’t without stopping mid-session? Well, now you can quickly switch to the scroll wheel with ease while keeping the flow and movement of a session.

Instead of the main login for trainers, you have the power to create the individual trainer account that enables you to mix over 600 combinations of trajectories, angles, speeds, and intervals for thousands of exercises.

A new feature added allows for a wider range of delivery angles, effectively doubling the potential delivery angle from 22 to 44 degrees.

Easier to add players

You can now attach any player to a session even if they don’t have an account, and it’s easier and faster to create one. Simply enter the player’s name and email address in under two seconds, and then you’re ready to deliver the ball! After the session, send your player’s data directly to his or her inbox.

If you installed the TOCA Training App, check for the updates available! If you do not have the App, it is compatible with both iOS and Android. Download for free from the App Store and Google Play. Happy TOCA Training!