In-Season Soccer Training with Eddie Lewis

Soccer player exercises at TOCA

Don’t Let Individual Development Take a Seat on the Bench

As team training picks up at the end of the summer, individual development sometimes takes a seat on the bench. If your player is looking to continue their improvement, it’s important to make individual training a priority–even during these times.

Coaches often talk about how time is limited during team practice and how important it is to focus on any individual technical skill development. It is up to the individual player to invest the time to practice and hone their technical ability.

Throughout Eddie Lewis’ soccer career, he was constantly looking for ways to fit in self-development so he could continue to improve and be more prepared. Training with a small ball, getting in rep after rep after rep, is what truly defined his success and made him a more confident player. He could work on whatever individual skill he felt needed attention to round out his game–something he knew wouldn’t happen during team practice.

Be Game Ready and Overcome the Pressures of Team Training

At TOCA, we know how easy it is to be swept up in the priorities of team training. Kids are likely experiencing the pressures that come with team training–needing to perform, earning a starting position, improving performance on the field, and so on.

By continuing to train with TOCA through the season, kids will always be game ready; but more importantly, they will continue their personal development and confidence, and do it in a fun and energizing environment free from the pressures of traditional training.

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TOCA can help you navigate this and help you find training days that work best for your schedule and family.

Watch the video to hear about how he approached his individual development as a player during the busiest time of the year–an approach that helped him rise to the top of the game!