TOCA. Be Creative.

Program your machine to deliver the same challenging ball over and over, or create a sequence that mixes receiving, passing, and finishing. Our exercise variety, ball speed, & interval timing is completely customizable.

  • Adjustable feed rate from 2-9 seconds
  • Speed up to 50 mph
  • Oscillates side to side
  • 500 ball capacity on a single battery charge
  • Indefinite ball capacity when plugged in
  • Holds up to 50 balls in one round
  • Multiple machines amplify training capability

TOCA Travels
Where You Train.

Our machine was specifically engineered to travel alongside its user. Walk it across the pitch, park it on a tennis court, or unleash in your backyard. The machine easily fits into the trunk of a car and can be wheeled to a chosen
destination. Repetition, on demand, where you want it. With TOCA by your side, you ALONE, can be your best training partner.