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Great players aren’t born, they’re made

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1-on-1 training sessions tailored to each
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Thoughtful balance between technology,
training, and motivation

Small-Ball philosophy dramatically improves
touch and ball control

A fun and challenging way to improve your game across all skill levels


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TOCA Training combines our unique “small ball” philosophy with a personalized training regiment that uses revolutionary technology to help players develop unmatched confidence on the ball and improve like never before.

© 2020 TOCA Football   |   All rights reserved.

Give your child the gift of fast and consistent improvement! It's free because we know you'll love it!

Join over 20,000 Players and Score Your Free Kick-Off 
Session Here!️

Join over 20,000 Players & Score Your Free Kick-Off Session Here!️


"My 9 year old daughter was an average player for her age at Christmas.  She started enjoying soccer a lot more because the trainers at TOCA made the sport fun, exciting and challenging for her.  By March, 3 soccer organizations were asking her to play club. She is now killing it.  She has scored at least once in every game. Prior to TOCA, she never scored a goal."

- Kristina L.
From a 5-Star Yelp Review

- Angel J.
From a 5-Star Yelp Review

"Wow TOCA, you were more than I expected in the best way possible. The facility is beautiful and the drills focused on the skills my 14 year old needs to improve on. She loved her training session and she's eager to return for more sessions. I feel that the price was better than fair. I hired an ex-college player through CoachUp who charged a comparable price and TOCA is so much better. Thanks TOCA!"

- TOCA Customer
From a 5-Star Yelp Review

"TOCA is the best training facility for soccer players! They have machines that fire small soccer balls at varying speeds and angles. I take my daughter to TOCA to fine-tune her soccer skills, which in turn gives her more confidence on the field. She no longer stresses about her first touch on the ball."

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