While a scholarship athlete at UCLA, TOCA founder Eddie Lewis continually searched for avenues to improve his game. Though a starter on one of the top college soccer teams in the nation, Eddie realized achieving his goal of playing at an elite level required him to improve his technical skills, particularly his first touch.

When he learned the National Champion UCLA basketball team often practiced shooting into a smaller-sized hoop, Eddie decided to incorporate this reduced size training methodology into soccer. He began training with tennis balls during his junior year in college, trapping rebounding balls with both feet.

Noticing the positive effect this was having on his technique, Eddie purchased a tennis ball machine. This provided mass repetition, accelerating his improvement and putting his game on a trajectory for success.

He entered the MLS after his senior year, as a last round draft pick. Three years later, he was named an MLS All-Star and was a starter for the US Men’s National Team. After four years in the MLS, Fulham FC purchased Eddie’s contract, and Eddie joined them the year they won promotion into the English Premier League. Eddie played professionally in Europe for nearly a decade, and competed on the US Men’s National Team in two World Cups.

Throughout every step of his career, Eddie consistently employed his small-ball mass repetition training to improve and perfect his core skills.

As his 15-year professional career came to a close, Eddie launched TOCA to gives other soccer players the same opportunity to elevate their game.

The first TOCA Touch Trainer was a relatively simple machine able to precisely deliver small soccer balls at specified speeds and locations. This has since evolved with years of meticulous testing and research into the cutting-edge turnkey soccer training system of today.

In 2013, TOCA opened its first purpose-built Training Center in Southern California. Word of Eddie’s company, machine and program spread fast. TOCA’s Training Centers are now a destination for soccer players of all levels and ages – from complete beginners to members of both the US Men’s and Women’s National Teams.

TOCA established its UK operations in May 2017 to bring the TOCA revolution to where the game started. As well as working with elite clubs and institutions, TOCA UK will expand into the grassroots through an entrepreneurial Franchise system.
TOCA’s mission is to dramatically improve the technique, performance and engagement of all soccer players through cutting-edge technology and innovative soccer training. Our goal is to become the training standard for the biggest sport in the world.